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Bank holiday bliss…

Another trip to River Valley holiday park, topped off with the infamous Teddy’s ice cream at Dun Laoghaire park.  What more can four and a half year old twins want…So, normally  a bank holiday weekend can be a long one but I have found the kids are becoming better with age and fun to be with.  An odd tantrum is still to be had but definitely not as many as before.  Caravan parks in Ireland are fantastic for kids, its like the kids are let free and go nuts.  Parents can relax a little as the kids don’t even want to leave the parks as there’s so much to do.  Although, be prepared for the wallet to be lightened a bit from buying tokens, especially with more than one child.  You need them for most activities.  But if the kids are happy, moms can have a sneaky afternoon drink to as they will be worn out. Mickey finns pub is a great spot in Red Cross for a beer and food. Two nights in a caravan was enough for me, my bed was calling me…

And if you haven’t tried a Teddy’s ice cream in Dun Laoghaire, go get one…


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