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Halloween fun

Well, now that Halloween is over and decorations are down, my five-year-old son wants to know can we put up Christmas decorations!  Although I have explained its too early for that, he says they are up in other places so why not at home?  You know, he’s right and it is confusing for a five-year-old brain to figure out how long seven and a half weeks is till Xmas.  Yes, I said less than eight weeks away, OMG.

The shops have begun decorating much earlier this year.  There are adds on TV and radio, Santa hotel deals, toy deals etc.  They know how to scare parents.  Halloween is a piece of cake compared to the long seven and a half weeks to Christmas.

Getting back to the Halloween break.  I noticed over the week off, how much more American we have become towards Halloween.  The amount of pumpkin decorations I saw was nothing like previous Halloweens and the effort people made in decorating outside their houses at the front doors was fantastic.  I noticed the lack of witches, skeletons and vampire costumes is more or less evaporating.  The thought that goes into some costumes is unbelievable.  My twins are not as adventurous in their costumes but I like the old-fashioned ideas.

They are obsessed with Chucky from “Childs Play”, do you remember that movie?  God, in its day the doll was scary, its laughable now.  How scary movies have progressed.  Anyway, while I was getting my daughters face painted in our local Tesco, there was a lady dressed up as Chucky.  It was the most bizarre looking mask and costume I have seen in a long time.  It brought me back to my youth.

So, now comes the mayhem and madness of Christmas.  Where does the time go, or I’m just showing my age?  Thank god, kids keep you young, well I think they do. Maybe I’ll end up looking like Chucky by Christmas from two hyper five-year-old kids.


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