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Am I there yet?

I feel I’ve forgotten what having spare time is since beginning college.  My blog hasn’t been updated in so long so here I am, doing just that.  I am now half way through my course to be a Further Education teacher.  It has been a whirlwind of studying, trains, luas, work placement, paper work, quick dinner fixes etc.  So, you must get the picture now.

My time with the kids is in there somewhere to.  But it has been a journey so far.  I did not think I could manage it all but I have, just about.  And now I am on the final stretch with more of the above multi-tasking again.

One thing for sure is if you ever want a challenge, go do a Post Grad or Masters. My brain has been reignited.  All the toddler vocabulary has been converted back to adult terminology.  And Yes this is a good thing, for me anyway.

The National College of Ireland teachers are fantastic and reassuring.  My fellow peers are so supportive, wonderful professionals.  We are all on a learning journey and helping each other along.  I have to thank my mentors in Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute where I am applying my work placement, for all the encouragement and advice.  So much experience and knowledge, I am in awe.

So here’s my advice to anyone reading this and is unsure what way their life is going and needs academic stimulation – Go and do it.  It has opened up a whole new vocation for me, one I never thought I could do.  And what better way to show your children that the world is your oyster at any age.

4 thoughts on “Am I there yet?”

    1. Julie, thank you for comment, Im still not getting the photo resizer aspect 🙂 Will need to catch up with you again soon, after my course. You were so constructively helpful with this blog, many thanks.I will get into the flow of my posts again, I really enjoy it. And I am teaching some writing skills for blogging to, The students are all in to WIx..but I encourage them to use Word press..:)


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